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The economic calendar is the most substantial and significant information for traders in building the right actions for profitable trading in the financial and foreign exchange market. For beginners and experienced traders, our calendar has a special indicator of expected volatility (the price’s alteration of an asset from facts that bias the economy). By means of the economic calendar, the trader receives information about significant items and facts within the fiscal rialtos. Knowing the release date of the news publication, you can compare analysts' forecasts and compare how these events influence an asset’s value. From any news the market either rises or falls, that is, quotes change (a market asset’s price). A trader buys the asset (oil, gold, stocks, currencies) that he needs, and then sells more, earning a difference in price between buying and selling, and vice versa.

The economic calendar gives a great opportunity of getting actual information about such events:

  • The way the news reflects quotations;
  • In which way events have affected the financial asset and its price;
  • What is the forecast, and what is the result.

Naturally, the economy does not stand still and prices vary at different rates depending on the news’ significance and appropriateness. The facts related to the dollar affect not only the dollar itself, but also its price relative to other currencies. For more convenient use for each individual statistics, we provide a complete and detailed calendar of economic news and important events for today, tomorrow, this and the following week for Moscow time in tabular and graphical form.

There is another great advantage that a trader can obtain information about different countries: the USA, Japan, Germany, England, Switzerland, Russia and other developed countries that have the most influence on the world economy and highlight the most significant events for their trade.

Importance of economic calendar

Each employee of a brokerage firm knows that forehanded information and knowledge about the currency and financial markets, allows achieving the desired result and high profit depending on the news’ significance.

convenient calendar of economic events affecting online financial markets in real time helps us determine which events are planned or will occur at the moment, and just how they can affect the market and the currency we need. Timely economic calendar’s usage allows learning the latest news such as: economic and political events, conditionally predicted volatility for the news of interest, as well as to obtain the necessary information for the desired date and after the market forecast to take your advantageous position.

To earn money within foreign exchange and fiscal rialtos, a trader can carry out trading activities, depending on what he wants to earn. Any trader can make profit very shortly, playing on the fact that this news is very different from the analysts' forecasts. But do not forget, just about the drawbacks when trading on the news! The most basic disadvantage when trading on the news in the Dealing Center is a significant increase within the spread, as well as possibly a strong slippage against you when you open a position.

Summarizing, it can be argued that an economic calendar is an exchange tool of a trader that allows keeping abreast of current and significant economic events within the financial, economic and exchange world. The calendar procures macroeconomic and statistical data of various countries, financial reports of companies, the results of speeches of heads of world departments and meetings of leading central banks.

The economic calendar’s usage within trading activities insures knowing the latest indicators of unemployment, economic growth, inflation and other data of the leading economies that are so necessary when working within the foreign exchange field.