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Calculator - the best way to count the profit

An option of calculation of the profit of a particular transaction is rather useful. IN case, if the trader works not too actively, it will be enough to look into the history of trading platform deals. But, if we talk about another type of activity, when dozens and hundreds of transactions are done every day, it will be much easier to use special calculator.

 How does it work.

In order to calculate the profit by position you will need:

  • the name of the trading instrument;
  • the deposit currency;
  • time of holding a position in days (for calculating a swap);
  • the volume of the order (in units of the base currency);
  • an order type - purchase / sale;
  • the price of opening an order;
  • the closing price of the order.

Of course, for those, who are making the first steps in the trading, these calculations are complicated by a lot of nuances. All attempts to carry out mathematical actions manually not only take a long time, but also make trade impossible: in the event that several orders are planned to open at once, open positions that have not been opened before, remain open, and so on. In this case, the forex calculator is an optimal tool for simplifying the trader's life.

The calculator gives you the opportunity to quickly calculate the minimum amount of funds that should be on your account to open the desired position, depending on the currency of the trading account, currency pair, the number of lots and the shoulder.

The cost of the minimum price change (item) can be quickly calculated with the help of the Points calculator, depending on the currency of the trading account, currency pair and shoulder.

The calculator will be useful for forex traders when they want to calculate the cost of an item online, the margin, depending on the overall size of the leverage. All this will be very useful to know, in order to make stable and profitable trades in the Forex market.

 Main advantages of Forex calculator

Of course, the cost of the item without the Forex calculator can be done manually. But in such a case all is much more complicated. First of all because you will have to calculate all the large and small parts of the market on your own. With the help of forex calculator, you can carry out all the actions in much more simple and convenient way.

Forex calculator is very simple in use, and that’s why it’s so popular among the traders.

The volume of the lot can be quickly and easily formed by each trader without prior preparation.

All options are already included in the calculator, and it’s it main advantage. Besides, the use of the calculator is fully reliable, and there is no need to recalculate the parameters on your own. So, all the risks are minimized as a result.

One more great advantage of the Forex calculator - in the process of its use there is no need to use long calculations with the use of mathematical formulas for each currency pair. This means that there is no risk to make a mistake.

In the transaction with variable parameters, there is automatically calculation of all the necessary data, and it’s quick and done without errors. No big surprise, that today the calculator of the trader is widely used both for professional traders and beginners in the Forex market.

To sum up, it’s necessary to say that trading transactions in the Forex market are real with the use of such modern instrument, as calculator.