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It is important to learn that online Forex calculator is useful for newbies and professional traders (with no differences). The explanation is pretty simple – this tool opens an access to the online calculation of every deal’s part. It is possible to use in different questions: contract, spread, swap, margin size etc. By the way, one of the most important opportunities is the calculation of available profit. This tool offers to provide calculating by 5 different deals at the same time. It means that it is an important basis which should be used by every trader who respects own profession and directed to reach the real profit.

Online Forex calculator: main user’s manual

In case if we talking about online version, it is important to understand that all calculation provides by the internet. It means that the connection with web-page should be stable. The next one point is that trader should learn every detail before calculating. In the wrong case, it is possible to fill another data and get a not correct result. Here is some main rules that trader should follow:

- Every field should be filled with available information.

It is important to calculate the result on the basis of proved data.

- Right after program displayed the result, it is important to check the filled data and only after that use calculation in your work.

 Attention! Every trader should know the price of every deal’s point in the current deposit currency. It will provide optimal risk level during the moment of the deal’s opening.

 The calculator works automatically. The only thing trader should do is to choose meanings (currency pair and other details of the deal) and push the “calculate” button. As the result, the system will show the amount of meaning which unites all filled data.

How online Forex calculator was invented

 The very first idea which helped to invent online Forex calculator was the desire to provide traders real risks of their work. It is impossible to do all the calculations during practice because they take a lot of time. So, it would be nice to always have a kind of support which will open the way to provide this kind of help. So, once a group of traders decided to implement their thoughts and as the result, online Forex calculator has appeared. Here are just some of the available functions:

  • order amount (on the basis of deposit amount);
  • the risk in percentages;
  • deal volume;
  • capital volume etc.

Every process lasts just for a few seconds and it means that it is possible to use changeable meanings during your work with no fear to spend too much time on calculation.

 Anyway, it is important to understand that an online Forex calculator is just a tool which provides effective work. Its meanings should be used just as the basis of trader’s work, but not the main point of decision. Work should be built on the basis of theory, market analysis and other turfs which professional uses in their work.

 Attention! It is important to know that there are different versions of online Forex calculator. It means that some of them could have additional buttons, fields and other features. Anyway, before use, check all available versions and make a comparison to find the perfect one. In case if you can’t choose, it is always possible to get a piece of advice on different forums.

So, as you can see, online Forex calculator is an interesting tool that trader can use in own practice. It is important to learn all features before use because in wrong case it is possible to lose the previous destination. But in case if you will use it according to the main rules, the result is going to make you be surprised in a good way.